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– Provide 28 day notice. (4 weeks)
– 1x 52 Weeks
– Minimum 4 Weeks
-Can only hold for max 4-8 week window,
anything more is considered a cancellation,
which will be carried out in accordance with your contract.
-Administration fee of 12,75€ per month which will be charged,
when the pause request is processed and confirmed
by our admin team.

– Automatically reactivates.
– If you cancel during a hold, then the cancellation policy kicks in.

We’re sorry to see you go!
Please fill out the form below to cancel your membership.
– Stop Billing Date, If the notice of termination is given after the 1st of the month, the upcoming month is included in the calculation. Of course, you also have the possibility to train during the month.
– 2 Week notice required for Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching.
– If notice is not provided within those timeframes, one more payment will be processed.
– I understand that termination of my membership before the end of my agreement will require a termination fee of the difference between the membership I was on and the membership I should have been on as outlined in my membership agreement. I understand that paid in full agreements are non-refundable.

We hope to see you back soon!